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The Sherrill family were a huge and illustrious family, they played a part in the settlement of the Susquehanna Valley in Pennsylvania and were the first white settlers to cross the Catawba River in North Carolina, beating Daniel Boone by about 10 years. A monument to the family stands near the site of their first homes in that area.

In tracing the family back I almost got stuck on Alexander (1829-1906) and am still trying to reconcile his siblings. His obituary claims he had 9 brothers and 4 sisters and that he had outlived all but one brother. As near as I can figure he had 3 brothers, 5 sisters, 4 half-brothers and 4 half-sisters. Both the first and second wife of his father Alexander (1778-1862) were named Elizabeth making matters a little more complicated. Census data prior to 1850 does not list names, simply gender and age ranges and things don't seem to always add up!

I then found a web-site that doesn't quite come all the way down to our Alexander and his siblings but is definately the same family. I can't possibly do justice to the quality and work of that web site and so include a link in the features section. Included are photo's of original land grants, birth records, original homes and the family cemetery.

Family members were given a logon and password that enables them to see data on living individuals, if you've forgotten that logon please use the Contact Us button below for a reminder. Be sure to tell me who you are.

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